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photo by daniel lee

daniel lee is a friend and an amazing photographer.  he came over a few weeks ago to snap some pictures.  i can’t believe the colors in this.

dannnng, Daniel.  Making a brother look good.

lauren randolph

my friend lauren randolph took this really fantastic picture of me a few weeks ago.

Lauren makes amazing work, so it was exciting to get in front of her camera.  She’s one of my favorite photographers in Los Angeles.  Her work is so full of charisma and attention to detail.  I can’t get enough of it.  Go to her website and check out her work.  Here’s a sample of what you’re in store for:

dr nakamats

Here’s a portrait I took of Dr. Nakamats, the world’s most prolific inventor.  There was an amazing documentary made about him a few years back.  You should really check it out.

He is one of the most positive men I’ve ever met in my life.

life’s a beach

Yesterday during a big beach day, Heather surprised us all by pulling out this amazing missoni pelisse. I snapped these on the walk back to the car.  I like how surreal, found, and voyeuristic these pictures are.