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first video in new video series

i’m going to start posting some of my favorite videos i’ve been shooting on my iphone with the super8 app.  so many dreamy moments i haven’t been able to share with anyone.  they’ll all be unedited, and the sound is live from the moment.

the first video in the series is In the Clouds.  I shot it while on an airplane.

enjoy!  i hope you love them!

Avocado Afternoon premieres on The Fader

The music video for “avocado afternoon” by diva is finally out! it premiered last week on thefader. they said, “Jimmy Marble’s video for “Avocado Afternoon” feels extremely well-suited to the song’s slow gait, which can only be an approximation of walking around stoned (or in some other vaguely spiritual state) while the heat’s beating down on you.”

Or, in other words, hanging out in Los Angeles. Hope you love it.

New PSA: be cool


This is the third PSA in Adi and my motivational PSA series.  It’s called Be Cool, and it’s hosted by Alina Cutrono.  Alina Cutrono might be the most amazing person in Los Angeles.  I hope you love it!

Photography by Kelly Moore.  With appearances by Forrest Perrine, Julia Galdo, Mallory Wedding, Doug Freedman, Kristine Claghorn, and Andrew Meredith.  ”Magnificat: Suscept” by Claudio Monteverdi.  Special thanks to The Forge.

2012, JIMMYnAdi

from the vault!

This is a still from a clip I shot for my 2011 director’s reel.  I had it in my head that what my reel really needed was a hosted segment where people could get to know me.  Turns out, probably not the case.

But, all the same, look at those colors!

JIMMYNADI Public Service Announcements

Adi and I started a new series of motivational public service announcements.  The goal is to promote positivity and give people who are feeling slightly in the dumps a boost of energy.  There’s a million positive things to do with life, and there’s no reason to let the blues or a rut cloud that.

Here are the first two PSAs: Loops and Darkness

2012 Director’s Reel

I posted my new director’s reel onto the internet this morning.  I’m so happy it’s up and out and existing.  I’m excited about life and about work.  I am happy and thankful I live in Los Angeles with so many talented friends and collaborators.  Everything’s the best.

I hope this reel finds you having the best day of your life.