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Self Discovery iii

pictures from travels, life, and shoots for 2018

Do’s and Don’ts

produced by Taylor Vandegrift with Ways & Means. DP: David Paul Jones, Set Design: Lauren Machen, Makeup Stephanie Nicole Smith, Hair Preston Wada, Styling Jamie Catino


Train Harder

produced by Sage Price and Anabella Casanova with Vacation Theory.  DP: Kai Saul, Set Design: Sean Genrich, Makeup: Stephanie Nicole Smith, Hair: Brian Borg, Stylist: Leah Adicoff

The Point

Most Influential Teens

for Time Magazine, November 2017



behind the scenes from new short film UGH! written and directed by Jimmy Marble


UGH! A new short film written and directed by Jimmy Marble, coming soon

Produced by Taylor Vandegrift with Ways & Means

Starring Carly Foulkes and Nika de Carlo



more images coming soon




Shawn Mendes